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Retail Location

LCX logo small LCX  Address : Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui

Online Shop

pinkio logo small Pinkoi  :  http://en.pinkoi.com/store/bellagenda
facebook logo small  Facebook  :  http://www.facebook.com/sintexlink
tdcsmallicon  HKTDC : http://small-order.hktdc.com
: http://www.bellagenda.com

Brand Story

bellagenda logo-01

It began in 1990s, when the founders started the gift and stationery business in Hong  Kong.  They did not come up with the idea of Bellagenda yet,  although they were doing something very close to Bellagenda for their clients.


After some years of development, thanks to the staff team work, the company achieved a certain scale.  The CEO decided to send a gift for each staff, but he could not find satisfied ones to buy.  Finally, the CEO tailor made some organizers for the team because he knew what notebooks should be like with high quality, design and cost control.  This special gift was warmly welcomed by all the staff. They named it “Bellagenda”, which means “beautiful life agenda”.   This was the very first time Bellagenda appeared.


An logo for the brand was created, and Bellagenda had a growth in new designed notebooks and new collection in other products, with more interesting features and appealing colors.
To introduce Bellagenda to more people, sales locations extended to online shops and department stores.
Nowadays, “Notebook” is still a meaningful icon to the brand. It is an organizer, but it not only serves as recording life, it also reminds them of the passion in gift and stationary, as well as the Bellagenda’s meaning — Beautiful life agenda.

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